Practice Areas

The Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC has experience with cases in various areas of the law. Wes Meetze has handled cases involving family law, personal injury, criminal defense,  foreclosure defense, landlord/ tenant law, business law and general civil litigation.  Review his practice areas below.

Family Law

When faced with the difficult decision to end a marriage, The Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC can assist by providing counsel and quality representation. Whether it involves issues of child custody and support, spousal support or equitable division of property, Wes Meetze will listen and explore options to help you through this difficult time.

The Law Office of Marcus W, Meetze, LLC has experience in:

Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support (enforcement/ modification/ termination)
Common Law Marriage
Separate Maintenance and Support

Personal Injury

The Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC represents individuals who have injured in an accident. Our practice areas include:

Car Accidents
Trucking Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Premises Liability/ Slip-and-Fall

Criminal Defense

Wes Meetze provides representation to individuals who have been or who may be facing criminal charges. Handling a wide-variety of cases,The Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC focuses on the following practice areas:

DUI Defense
Drug Possession

Foreclosure Defense

The Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC represents homeowners facing the threat of losing their home and has experience with:

Mortgage Modifications
Short Sales
Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
Forebearance Agreements
Appraisal Rights

Landlord/ Tenant Law

Wes Meetze has experience handing a wide variety of issues that arise between landlords and tenants. The South Carolina Residential Landlord Tenant Act offers protections for South Carolina house, apartment, and room renters and their landlords. If you are having problems with your lease, landlord, or tenants, Wes Meetze can provide assistance.

Business Law

In addition to litigation services, Wes Meetze can help you form your own small business. Whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or corporation, the Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC can advise and assist you on the formation of the proper business entity and help you get started down the road to self-employment.

General Civil Litigation

The Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC also handles matters involving employment law, mechanic’s lien, real property litigation, and other ares of civil litigation. Please contact The Law Office of Marcus W. Meetze, LLC and see if we can assist you with your legal issue